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A hand-operated universal curtain track system

The Silent Gliss 6100 is a universal room divider and hospital cubicle track for use with a range of curtains to be hung from the track’s gliders. You can also install shower curtains for use in shower areas, making it a truly universal system.

It is designed for use with medium to heavy curtains and can be used both straight and bent. Bending is done at point of manufacture.

There are a range of connectors allowing you to achieve many different layouts and the tracks can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended with hangers.

As standard the track comes in silver but is also available in white. The white track has an anti-microbial coating as standard, perfect for use in hospitals, and conforms to HTM66 (a specification for cubicle curtains in the health sector).

This system can optionally be fitted with the Silent Gliss 6650 quick-release safety device.


Download the Silent Gliss 6100 PDF here.

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