Silent Gliss 6021 & 6290 - Safety Cubicle Track

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A hand-operated curtain track system with emphasis on safety

Silent Gliss 6021 - Wall fix safety cubicle track

Silent Gliss 6290 - Ceiling fix safety cubicle track

The Silent Gliss 6021 (wall fix) and 6290 (ceiling fix) is designed so that the curtain gliders come away from the profile when 4-6kg of downwards force is applied.

At the end where you pull the curtain from, special blue gliders are used which require a higher pulling force of 8-10kg before the gliders come away from the tracks.

The SG 6021 system is available in white, and only suitable for straight tracks.

They are robust tracks, popular around the world in schools, hospitals and retirement homes.


Download the Silent Gliss 6021 PDF here.

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